Can DVD-Cloner erase my rewritable DVD discs automatically?

Yes. You can check the option "Automatically erase the DVD±RW disc when burning" in the "Burn" tab of the "Setup" window and then DVD-Cloner will erase your DVD±RW disc directly.


Is there a movie menu when copying DVD movies with the movie customized copy mode?

If you want to add a movie menu when copying with the customized copy, please check the option "Add a menu in the customized copy mode" in the "Copy" tab of the "Setup" window.


What can the Setup window do on my iPad?

• Show the help file which helps you about the usage of Open MovieBox APP.

• Show the "About" window which gives the information about OpenCloner Inc. and its various products.

• Show the skins which you can choose from to change your background.


Can I change the default temporary directory to save my games on the computer?

Yes. Please click on the "Advanced Setup" window and select your desired directory to save your temporary games.

What is the function of "Burn I/O" in the "Advanced Setup" window?

For the "Burn I/O" option, AUTO/SPTI/ASPI are available.

AUTO: The program automatically selects the best data I/O interface.

SPTI: To write data with Windows SPTI

ASPI: To write data with wnaspi32