How to completely close Open MovieBox APP on my iPad?

Step 1: Press the "Home" button on the iPad to return to the home interface.

Step 2: Double press the "Home" button and there will be a list of icons on the bottom.

Step 3: Find Open MovieBox APP and press it for several seconds (Usually 2 or 3 seconds). Then a minus sign appears on its top left side.

Step 4: Click the minus sign and Open MovieBox APP will be closed completely. Then you can double press the "Home" button to return to the home interface.


How to quickly start Stream-Cloner from the current webpage to download or capture online videos?

Please right click on the current webpage from which you want to download or capture online videos, and you will find two options "Download video with Stream-Cloner" and "Capture video with Stream-Cloner". (Note: Please make sure that you have selected the option "Add items to the Internet Explorer menu" when you install Stream-Cloner). Then you can start Stream-Cloner by clicking on either of them.