How to preview the movie information and what kinds of information does it include?

You can select the movie you want and then the movie information will be shown on the lower right side by the default template. You can also get the movie information by right clicking the movie and select the "Preview in the default browser" option, and then the movie information will be shown in the browser. The movie information you can get includes Title, Release Date, Runtime, Studio, Genre, Format, Actors, Directors, Region, Language, Subtitle, Screen ratio, Description, Review, Feedback, Movie resource, etc.


How to preview the clips I am going to convert?

You should enter the "Customized movie ripping setup" window for choosing titles, audios and subtitles. Just as shown in the following picture:

After you finish choosing the options, on the right side of the titles, there is an icon , just click on it, and you can preview the clips. Just as shown in the picture below: