movie list

Can I choose to list the movies in the database by the posters or by the titles on my iPad?

Yes. After connecting your iPad to Open MovieBox Share Server, you'll enter the movie poster interface, and you can click to list the titles of all the movies. You can also click to return to the movie poster interface to show the movie posters.


Can I list the movies which are in the collection?

Yes. You can select the "Status" option in the "SEARCH" drop-down menu and there are five options for you to choose from including "Not in collection", "Wanted", "In collection", "For sale" and "For loan". Here you can select the "In collection" option and then the movies in the collection will be listed.


How to list the movie covers instead of the movie information?

Please select the "Show the movie covers" option in the "VIEW" drop-down menu or directly click to show the movie covers. If you select the "Show the icons of the video files" option in the "VIEW" drop-down menu or directly click , it will show the shortcut icons of the playable movies only.


Can I quickly find my desired movie in the movie database?

Yes. You can select the "Quick search" option in the "SEARCH" drop-down menu and input the movie title or several keywords of the tile or input them directly in on the main interface and click the search button to search for your desired movie(s). You can also select the "Search" option in the "SEARCH" drop-down menu to search your desired movie(s) according to titles, barcodes, studios, actors, directors and descriptions.


How to list the movies by genres?

Step 1: Right click the blank area of the movie list box and select "Genre".

Step 2: Then the movies will be listed by the genres, and you can find the movies by clicking the genre. You can also find your customized genre here, and click on it to list the movie(s) belonging to it.