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Open MovieBox is a free smart tool to collect, keep and share your favorite movies. It enables you to get latest and popular movies from the Internet, as well as searching for the movies from the Internet as you like. With this powerful tool, you can add movies manually to the movie database, edit the movie information and manage the information about the loaned movies. The built-in Movie Share Server makes it possible to share your favorite movies on the PC with your friends or family through iPad 1 or iPad 2 conveniently.
The plug-in programs developed by OpenCloner Inc. facilitate your collection of the movies on the DVD/Blu-ray discs to the movie database through copying or converting them to the video files on hard disk for playback with Open MovieBox. This free multifunctional movie collector, along with our other practical software, will be your ideal assistant to manage all your movies.

Can I get the movie poster picture on the separate page on my iPad?

Yes. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Run Open MovieBox on the PC and click to launch Open MovieBox Share Server.

How to classify the movies on my iPad?

Click on the movie poster interface and the movie list interface will appear. There are five options on the bottom including "My Movies", "Movie Format", "Movie Genre", "Title" and "Year" and you can select one of them to classify the movies as you like.


Are there any tips for using Open MovieBox?

Of course. When you start Open MovieBox, the "Tips" window will pop up. This window will help you use Open MovieBox better by listing the tips of several main functions. As well, the tips are available by selecting the "Show the tips" option in the "HELP" drop-down menu. If you select the "Don't show again" option on the "Tips" window, this window will not pop up again when you start Open MovieBox.


Can I print the movie information in the movie database?

Yes, of course you can. You can select the movie you want and select the "Print" option in the "EDIT" drop-down menu or right click the movie and select the "Print" option in the list, and then the "Print Preview" window will pop up. Click the "Print" button and then you can print the movie information you want. If no movie is selected, the contents for printing will be the movie list of the movie database when you select the "Print" option.


How to list the playable movies?

Step 1: Please right click the blank area of the movie list box and click "Playable".

Then the movies will be classified according to "Playable" and "Unplayable".


Can I add movies to the movie database manually?

Yes. First you can select the "Add a movie manually" option in the "EDIT" drop-down menu or directly click to enter the "Add a movie manually" interface. There are seven main categories which are "Movie", "Cast", "Edition", "Pictures", "Description", "Review" and "Media files" for you to edit the detailed information of the movie you want to add into the movie database.

How to quickly find the movies beginning with your desired first title letter on my iPad?

Run Open MovieBox on the PC and click to launch Open MovieBox Share Server. When the TCP/IP and Bonjour services are registered successfully (Bonjour needs to be installed on your computer first. If you have installed iTunes on your computer, Bonjour has already been installed as well.), please run Open MovieBox APP on your iPad and click your server to enter the movie poster interface (Click here to download Open MovieBox APP.).

How to edit the server information on the "Server List" interface on my iPad?

Run Open MovieBox APP on your iPad and the "Server List" interface will appear. (Click here to download Open MovieBox APP.) Click on the right side of your server name bar to open the "Edit Server" window and you can edit the server information such as Host, TCP/IP Port, Password and Server Name as you need, and then click the "Save" button to save your settings.