What's the difference between the Express interface and the Expert interface? Which interface should I use?

The Express interface is the easiest way to back up your DVDs. It takes only one click to finish the backup, especially suitable for beginners.

The Expert interface is more professional and customized. You can make customized DVD copies on this interface.

If you are a novice of DVD-Cloner, or you know very little about computer, we recommend you to use the Express operating interface.

If you are an experienced user of our product and want to try its various copy modes, then the Expert interface would be your ideal choice.


Can I download and capture my favorite online movies and streaming videos easily as a novice?

Of course you can. There are two modes (1-Click interface and main interface) respectively for the download function and capture function. The 1-Click interface is usually for novices to download and capture streaming video/audio with only one click, and the main interface is for advanced users to customize their downloaded and captured streaming video/audio according to their personal preferences.


Is there anything new about the interface?

Yes, the Express and Expert interfaces are added into Open DVD ripper, so it will be more convenient for both new and professional users.