DVD-Cloner V4.40 is officially released

1. Added an option in the expert mode which specially disposes of SONY discs.

2. Added "automatic collecting IFO files" function. (Collecting all the IFO files and compressing them to DVDIFO.ZIP)

3. Fixed the problem that unformatted +RW can't be copied at the first time.

4. Enhanced the support for burning New York discs. New York discs usually adopt some special encryption to make the copied disc unsynchronized, no sound or no subtitles.


DVD-Cloner V4.30 is officially released

DVD-Cloner V4.30 is officially released.


DVD-Cloner V4.20 is officially released

1.The burn engine is redesigned to make the burn more stable and dependable.

2. The "Full 1:1 DVD disc copy" function is enhanced. Now it can remove various protections (region codes, CSS, ARCCOS, etc.) during copying.

3. Fixed some bugs in 4.10.


DVD-Cloner V4.10 is officially released


1 Recompiled the reading engine to deal with the special structure of Sony disc.


2 Adopted the arithmetic of avoiding damaged sector. Control the process of appearing "skipping bad sectors", and protect the CD-ROM and discs.


3 Upgraded the reading speed through optimizing the kernel.


4 Added the function of intelligently identifying the IFO files, which can fully back up the DVDs that use bad IFO files to prevent copying.



DVD-Cloner V4.02 is officially released

Fixed some minor bugs in registration.


DVD-Cloner V4.01 is officially released

1. Upgraded the multi-language package.
2. Optimized the reading core.
3. Now it supports more DVD burners.
4. Fully compatible with Windows Vista operating system.


DVD-Cloner V4.00 is officially released

What's new in - IV:


DVD-Cloner V3.40 is officially released

Added the "adjusting the compression rate" function. With this function you can get a better video effect and less size. You can also adjust the compression rate from 10% to100%.

Improved decoding kernel: now V3.40 can defeat all new published protection mechanisms, especially to some latest Movies.


DVD-Cloner V3.30 is officially released

Improved decoding kernel, now V3.30 can defeat ALL new protection mechanisms!

Added a "Full disc copy" function .You can easily use the new function to copy any disc block by block.The function can be used to rescue scratched DVDs as well.

Improved GUI for easier operation.


DVD-Cloner V3.20 is officially released

Compress and back up existing movies from hard disk.

Fixed some playback bugs of DVD-9 to DVD-9 copy mode.

Fixed the asynchronous problem.

Improved audio and video quality.