DVD-Cloner for Mac 1.20 Released

1. Enhanced SmartAnalyzer, and better supports for the latest DVD movies.

2. Fixed some minor bugs.


DVD-Cloner 6.70 Released

1. Optimized the burn engine, and supports the backup of latest DVD movies.
2. Fixed some minor bugs.


DVD-Cloner for Mac 1.10 Released

Perfect 1:1 DVD copy for Mac
Movie only DVD copy
DVD-9 to DVD-5 copy
Customized copy

DVD-Cloner 6.60 Released

1. Added the setup options of SmartAnalyzer in Read I/O
2. Fixed some minor bugs


DVD-Cloner 6.50 is officially released

1. Enhanced the burn engine, perfect 1:1 DVD/Blu-ray copy.
2. Fixed some minor bugs.


DVD-Cloner 6.40 is officially released

1. Enhanced SmartAnalyzer, perfect analysis of the latest DVD movies.
2. Better backup quality of episodic DVD movies.
3. Optimized multi-language.


DVD-Cloner 6.30 is officially released

Fixed the problem of lacking xvidcore.dll


DVD-Cloner V6.20 is officially released

1. Copies DVD movies to a removable drive.

2. An info cue is added to remind users that the picture quality will be poor when copying a multi-version movie DVD.

3. Fixed the problem that the first target disc is too large when splitting a DVD to two DVD-5s.

4. Fixed the problem of "out DVD-5 size" in some movies with the complete copy mode.


DVD-Cloner V6.10 is officially released

1. Added the "no menu" option in the "Combine two DVDs to one DVD±R DL" copy mode. Now you can make a DVD movie without any menu.
2. When copying a DVD movie to the hard disk, now you can save it as an ISO file.
3. Added memory for the burner used last time.
4. Enhanced burn engine, fast and stable burn.
5. Verifies data after the burn, ensuring a perfect 1:1 copy.
6. Brand-new user interface. Step by step direction makes the burn simple.

DVD-Cloner V6.00 is officially released