DVD-Cloner 8.40 released

1. The function of Read I/O has been improved
2. More text prompt is available for more convenient use.
3. The installation bug happened while running the Windows multi-user mode has been fixed.

Open DVD ripper 2.10 is officially released

1. Enhanced the scanning capability of DVD discs
2. Reads latest DVD movies with perfect quality
3. Some minor bugs have been fixed


DVD-Cloner 8.30 released

More latest DVD/Blu-ray movies are supported through optimized codes.


Open DVD ripper 2.01 is officially released

1. The function of format conversion from the DVD directory on the hard disk directory has been improved.
2. The damaged images problem has been fixed.


DVD-Cloner for Mac 2.30 released

SmartAnalyzer has been fixed to make DVD analysis faster and has been optimized for latest DVD movies.

Open DVD ripper 2.00 is officially released

  • Rips DVD to more different video and audio formats

  • Supports more popular media devices

  • Rips DVD to HD video files

  • Trims and crops your video file - saves your preferred clips of a video file and removes the annoying sections such as black margins.

  • Adjusts the visual effect by changing the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.

  • Adds text or image watermarks from hard drive into your video file

  • Sets the background of the video file as gray, aged film, etc

DVD-Cloner for Mac 2.20 released

1. Supports more up-to-date DVD movies through the optimized SmartAnalyzer function.
2. The burning of DVD-R DL is fully supported.
3. The enhanced movie only copy function makes the color of subtitle same as that of the original DVD.

DVD-Cloner 8.20 released

1. The SmartAnalyzer function has been improved to support more up-to-date DVD movies.
2. The movie only copy function has been improved so that the subtitle has the same color as the source DVD.
3. A new option "Eject disc when the burning is finished" has been added in the "Burn I/O" page of the setup window.

DVD-Cloner 8.10 released

1. More latest movies are supported.
2. Some minor bugs in the "customized copy" function are corrected for better use
3. Easier and clear text explanations on the interface.

DVD-Cloner for Mac 2.10 released

1. The function of SmartAnalyzer has been improved and more latest movies are supported.
2. Some bugs have been corrected.