DVD-Cloner 9.50 released

1. Supports up-to-date DVD movies.
2. Accelerates the DVD burn.
3. Supports various DVD burners.


Open DVD Ripper for Mac 1.10 is officially released

1. Most of the up-to-date DVD movies are supported.
2. Rips DVD movies to many video and audio formats for playback on popular multimedia devices.
3. Supports various popular multimedia devices and portable devices.
4. Select your preferred chapters to convert.
5. Choose the output parameters independently.
6. Preview the details of the ripping movie segments.


DVD-Cloner for Mac 3.10 released

1. Supports more newly released DVD movies.
2. The improved reading speed makes it copy faster.

DVD-Cloner 9.40 released

1. Supports more newly released DVD/Blu-ray movies.
2. The improved burn module makes it work more stably.

DVD-Cloner 9.30 released

1. Diversifies DVD copy with the enhanced "Combine multiple DVDs to one BD-R/RE" copy mode.
2. Searching for DVD/Blu-ray burners becomes much easier.
3. Copies up-to-date DVD/Blu-ray movies.

DVD-Cloner for Mac 3.00 released

• Works better with the Mac operating system.
• Innovative OET™ DVD reading technology, and supports for the copy of latest DVD movies.
• Combines two DVD movies onto one DVD±R/RW DL and you can select the background template for the movie menu.
• Splits one DVD-9 disc to two DVD-5 discs without any compression with the movie menu saved to the first disc.
• Burns the DVD folders/ISO files/.dvdmedia files from the hard disk to blank DVD±R/RWs.
• Select to enable SmartAnalyzer™ before reading the disc.

Open DVD ripper 2.50 is officially released

1. Registers Open DVD ripper more smoothly.
2. Converts more up-to-date DVD movies.


DVD-Cloner 9.20 released

1. Improved the burn quality through the optimized burn module.
2. Single-core CPUs work better under the Windows XP operating system.
3. Supports for the playback of DVD/Blu-ray backups on more players.

DVD-Cloner 9.10 released

1. The enhanced burn module makes the burn verification perfect.
2. The improved disc analyzing function makes DVD-Cloner read the disc data in a smooth way under the Windows 7 operating system.

Open DVD ripper 2.40 is officially released

1. Better supports for the audio track and subtitle function.
2. Reads DVD discs more smoothly under the Windows XP/7 operating systems through the optimized I/O reading mode.