DVD copy for Mac

What is the function of "DVD-5 disc size" in the "Advanced Setup" window?

You can set the size of the target DVD-5 disc. Adjusting this value will affect the compression rate. Please do not exceed the DVD±R/RW's biggest capacity that you bought it. The default value is 4387MB. (Note: The size of 8.5GB or 2.0GB should be set under the direction of our support team.)

Can I make a copy from the backup DVD movie?

Yes. The backup DVD movie can be copied again to a DVD±R/RW without using the original DVD disc.

Is there a movie menu in the cloned DVD under the "Split one DVD-9 movie to two DVD-5 discs" copy mode?

You can select either to save or remove the menu in the "Setup" window. If you select not to save it, DVD-Cloner will prompt you to insert the second DVD after the first DVD is copied and the movie title will be added to the second DVD for your convenience.


What are the main functions of DVD-Cloner for Mac?

  • Its newly-designed interfaces make DVD copy on Mac OS more colorful and simple.
  • Perfect 1:1 DVD copy
  • Movie-only copy – copies only the longest-length title, omitting the unwanted special features, movie trailers, etc to maximize the disc space usage.
  • Removes all known DVD copy protections, such as CSS, Sony ARccOS, region codes and so on.
  • Compresses the movie contents of a DVD-9 to fit on a smaller DVD-5 disc without any quality loss.
  • Movie customized copy – you can select one or several chapters to copy.

What are the system requirements for DVD-Cloner for Mac?

DVD-Cloner for Mac requires the system to be configured with the following equipments as a minimum:

* CPU: Intel or PowerPC 1.0GHZ

* Memory: 1G

* Free hard disk: 8.5G

* One DVD burner

* Mac OS X 10.5


How much time is needed to copy a DVD movie usually?

The copy time may vary with your computer configuration, burn speed and the contents of the movie. Normally the copy time will range from 30 minutes to two hours. We recently performed a test copying a 6.92GB DVD-9 movie to a 4.7GB disc. It took about 30 minutes to finish the copy.


How to set the burn method?

Please set the burn method as "E-SAO" or "E-DAO" in the "Advanced Setup" window. If you select "E-SAO", it will burn only one session each time and is suitable for DVD±R. If you select "E-DAO", it will close down the disc after the burn. The default setting is "E-DAO".


Can DVD-Cloner for Mac copy my preferred sections rather than the whole DVD?

Of course. Please select the "Movie customized copy" mode and then you can copy one or more chapters you want rather than the whole DVD.


Why can't my copied DVD±RW disc be played back on the DVD drive or DVD player?

Please check the followings:

1. Make sure your DVD drive or DVD player supports the DVD±RW format.

2. If the copied DVD is a DVD±RW, please try copying the source DVD to a DVD±R disc, which is compatible with more DVD drives and DVD players.