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Can I play the PC games copied with Game-Cloner directly?

Generally speaking, you can copy all PC games with Game-Cloner. However, the copied PC games will only function when combined with the crack patch, such as No-CD Patch.


What are the limitations of the game copy with Game-Cloner?

When you copy games with Game-Cloner, you must note the following things:

• Wii games are all in the DVD-5 format, and the common drives on the PC CANNOT recognize this kind of game discs. If you want to copy Wii game discs, you must have one of the following drives: LG-8164b, LG-8163b, LG-8162b, or LG-8161b.

What is Game-Cloner?

Game-Cloner is a game copy tool for you to play games on different consoles. It can achieve PS3/PS2 game copy, Xbox 360 game copy, Wii game copy and PC game copy. Besides the exact game disc copy, it also supports for creating ISO files and burning the ISO files from the hard disk to a blank disc. For PS3/PS2 games copy, you can burn a game directory from the hard disk to a BD-R or DVD-R.


Does Game-Cloner support ISO format files?

Yes, Game-Cloner supports for copying a game disc to an ISO file on the hard disk and burning the ISO file on the hard disk to a blank disc.


How to make or burn ISO files of PC games with Game-Cloner?

Make an ISO game file:

• Run Game-Cloner, select on the main interface and click on the "Copy a game disc to an ISO file on the hard disk" button.

• Insert your source game disc and select a location to save your ISO game file.

• Click "Start" to begin copying.

• Completed!

Burn an ISO game file: