copy DVD

How to copy DVD disc to PC and CD

Computers are now common household things. People search the Internet for usually news, music, movies and so on. Many movies are released every year and people want to make a collection of them for memories. To protect their movies, they use DVD copy software, which is very popular on today's market. There are usually two ways for copying, one of which is to copy the movie on the computer to DVD disc for preservation and the other is to copy DVD movies to computer to watch.

How to copy DVD movies on the hard disk?

Step 1: Run DVD-Cloner and select the "Copy the DVD movie from the hard disk to a DVD±R (DL)" copy mode on the Expert interface.
Step 2: Select the source DVD movie from the hard disk and the target DVD burner and then click on "Next".
Step 3: Select a copy mode and then click on "Next".
When the source DVD movie is less than 4.7GB, there are three copy modes for you to choose below:
A. Directly burn the DVD movie from the hard disk to a DVD±R/RW without modification
Directly copy the source DVD movie to a DVD±R/RW without any modification.

The differences between DVD replication and DVD duplication

As a movie fan, you are most likely familiar with DVD. Because movie fans would like to preserve their favorite movies, so they choose to copy them to DVD discs. However, the DVD copy industry is becoming more and more complicated and you must know the differences between the DVD copy related terms.

Can I select only my desired title(s) and chapter(s) to copy?

Of course you can. You can select your desired title(s) and chapter(s) to copy under the customized copy mode.