DVD copy software introduction

Does all DVD copy software have the same function? Not really, although they have similar names, there are some distinctions between them. The functions are usually DVD copying, also known as DVD ripping, DVD cloning and DVD duplication and the other category called DVD converting and DVD burning. Now we know that DVD copy software have so many different functions.

Converting VHS to DVD movie

We know many video formats from the knowledge about DVD copy, like AVI, MPEG, SVCD, etc. However, there is a format relatively less known to us and is somewhat outdated, that is VHS. Video Home System, better known by its abbreviation VHS, is a video tape recording standard developed during the 1970s and stands out during the last decade of the 20th century. But now it has been replaced by DVD and Blu-ray step by step. Many people have old VHS home videos in the closet for years. Incorporate them into new life is a new way to memorize the beautiful days of the past.