Blue-Cloner 3.40 Released

1. Supports more newly-released Blu-ray movies.
2. Copies 3D movies with improved copy modes.
3. Enhanced the support for Blu-ray players.

DVD-Cloner for Mac 3.10 released

1. Supports more newly released DVD movies.
2. The improved reading speed makes it copy faster.

DVD-Cloner 9.40 released

1. Supports more newly released DVD/Blu-ray movies.
2. The improved burn module makes it work more stably.

Blue-Cloner 3.30 Released

1. The AACS decryption has been improved to better support Blu-ray copy.
2. Decrypts latest Blu-ray discs encrypted with the BD+ protection.
3. Copies latest Blu-ray movies.

DVD-Cloner 9.30 released

1. Diversifies DVD copy with the enhanced "Combine multiple DVDs to one BD-R/RE" copy mode.
2. Searching for DVD/Blu-ray burners becomes much easier.
3. Copies up-to-date DVD/Blu-ray movies.

DVD-Cloner for Mac 3.00 released

• Works better with the Mac operating system.
• Innovative OET™ DVD reading technology, and supports for the copy of latest DVD movies.
• Combines two DVD movies onto one DVD±R/RW DL and you can select the background template for the movie menu.
• Splits one DVD-9 disc to two DVD-5 discs without any compression with the movie menu saved to the first disc.
• Burns the DVD folders/ISO files/.dvdmedia files from the hard disk to blank DVD±R/RWs.
• Select to enable SmartAnalyzer™ before reading the disc.

Blue-Cloner 3.20 Released

1. Compatible with more kinds of Blu-ray burners.
2. Added the support for 3D Blu-ray movies.
3. Copies latest Blu-ray movies.

DVD-Cloner 9.20 released

1. Improved the burn quality through the optimized burn module.
2. Single-core CPUs work better under the Windows XP operating system.
3. Supports for the playback of DVD/Blu-ray backups on more players.

Blue-Cloner 3.10 Released

1. The optimized H.264 encoding enables smoother playback.
2. Reads and creates more types of ISO files.
3. More compatible with Blu-ray players.

DVD-Cloner 9.10 released

1. The enhanced burn module makes the burn verification perfect.
2. The improved disc analyzing function makes DVD-Cloner read the disc data in a smooth way under the Windows 7 operating system.