Blue-Cloner 4.20 Released

1. Copies more up-to-date Blu-ray movies with the enhanced decryption module.

2. Improved the encoding speed to make the Blu-ray copy much faster.


DVD-Cloner 2013 v10.40 released

1. SmartAnalyzer has been improved to crack the latest DVD encryption.

2. Copies up-to-date DVD movies.


DVD-Cloner 2013 v10.30 released

1. Better supports for copying DVD discs with region codes.

2. Copies up-to-date DVD movies.


DVD-Cloner for Mac 3.60 released

1. Copies up-to-date DVD movies.

2. Increased the burn speed with the upgraded burn engine.


How do I use DVD-Cloner Platinum ?

1.Download DVD-Cloner Platinum 2.Install it. It will unzip to two applications:DVD-Cloner and iPod-Cloner 3 Enter your code and user name in DVD-Cloner's register window. iPod-Cloner will be registered automatically. Then you can enjoy the full version of DVD-Cloner Platinum!

How can I buy DVD-Cloner? What payment methods does it support?

Simply click here to buy. Within an hour after the payment is received, a confirmation email will be sent to you. This email contains the Registration Code and Email Address you used to register. You can buy the download version of DVD-Cloner from SWREG, or both download version and CD version from Regsoft. The CD version will reach you in about 10-15 days after the purchase.

Blue-Cloner 4.10 Released

1. Copies new Blu-ray movies released in March, 2013.

2. Enhanced the function to remove BD+ protections.


DVD-Cloner 2013 v10.20 released

1. Supports for changing the interface skin of DVD-Cloner as you need for clearer viewing.
2. Copies up-to-date DVD movies.

Blue-Cloner 4 is officially released

1 Brand-new interfaces - make the Blu-ray copy super easy and colorful.
2 Perfect 1:1 Blu-ray copy
3 Customized copy – select your desired title(s), audio track(s) and subtitle(s) to copy.
4 Supports for copying 3D Blu-ray movies.
5 Copies encrypted Blu-ray movies without any third party plug-in.
6 Select to enable decoding and encoding functions with HSTTM to largely increase the copy speed.
7 Converts a Blu-ray folder from the hard disk to an ISO file and vice versa.
8 Copies Blu-ray discs both in NTSC and PAL formats.