Blue-Cloner 5.10 released

1. Better supports 3D Blu-ray movies.
2. Copies up-to-date Blu-ray movies.

DVD-Cloner for Mac 4.30 released

1. Copies up-to-date DVD movies.
2. Compatible with the latest version of Mac OS.

Blue-Cloner 5 is officially released

  1. Newly-designed Express and Expert interfaces - You can copy Blu-ray movies with only one click on the Express interface and copy Blu-ray movies with customized copy modes on the Expert interface.
  2. The intuitive interfaces enable you to operate Blue-Cloner 5 quite easily and conveniently.
  3. Copies a Blu-ray disc to a blank Blu-ray/DVD/AVCHD disc or to the hard disk.
  4. Burns the ISO file or Blu-ray movie folder on the hard disk to a BD-R/RE with various copy modes.

Blue-Cloner Diamond is officially released

Blue-Cloner Diamond is excellent Blu-ray software to copy/burn/convert Blu-ray movies. It contains Blue-Cloner, Open SmartBurner and Open Blu-ray ripper. It can copy Blu-ray movies to Blu-ray/DVD/AVCHD discs or to the hard disk with just one or a few clicks. The user-oriented Express and Expert interfaces make the Blu-ray copy/conversion considerate and colorful. It provides you the freedom to convert latest Blu-ray movies to a great variety of audio and video formats for enjoying on various media devices.

DVD-Cloner 2014 v11.40 released

1. Enhanced the function of copying multiple DVDs to one BD-R/RE.
2. Copies up-to-date DVD movies.

DVD-Cloner for Mac 4.20 released

1. Copies up-to-date DVD movies.
2. Corrected an important error when scanning.

Note: It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version for free at once.

DVD-Cloner 2014 v11.30 released

1. Copies DVD movies to ISO files more precisely and vice versa.
2. Copies more up-to-date DVD movies.

DVD-Cloner 2014 v11.20 released

1. Displays the time in the title after analyzing the disc under the customized copy mode.
2. The copied movies can be played back on more DVD/Blu-ray standalone players.

Blue-Cloner 4.70 Released

1. Copies up-to-date Blu-ray movies released during Christmas.
2. Operates Blue-Cloner smoothly through the improved info prompts for users.

DVD-Cloner 2014 v11.10 released

1. Copies up-to-date DVD movies released during Christmas.
2. Some changes have been made on the user interface.
3. Smoother operation capability.