DVD copy knowledge

How to copy encrypted or protected DVDs?

Because of the huge storage, DVD is so commonly used presently. However, most of the commercial DVDs are always protected Content Scramble System (CSS), which is a digital rights management scheme widely used. Manufacturers or producers use CSS keys set which is a collective term for authentication key, player key, title key, disc key, second disk key set, and/or encrypted key to protect the disc's content from being duplicated by unauthorized parties.

Can the copied DVD disc be played on a standard DVD player?

Copy DVD with DVD-Cloner, and you don't need to worry about this problem. The copied DVDs made by DVD-Cloner can play very well on any standard DVD player, as long as the player supports DVD-R or DVD-RW discs. Most DVD players in recent years all support these. You can get more information in the DVD player manual.


DVD Copy and DVD Compression

When you begin to compress and copy contents of DVD, a progress will show you how much content had been compressed and copied and the remainder of the task.

There are four types of compression choice: no compression, automatic compression, customized ratio (you can enter the percentage of compression), and slideshow (works with still pictures and sound playing in the background). Then you can specify the image recorder. Most of the DVD copy software like DVD-Cloner doesn't need much space to install.


Blu-ray movies to come with DVD copy

More film company launched in Blu-ray films with a DVD included, a recent report Video Business said.

The article mentions that The Princess Bride, the T2 Complete Collector's Set and the considerably less cool Marley & Me will be getting this treatment, and that Disney is planning on releasing seven Blu-ray & DVD packages this year. Although some Blu-ray films include digital copies and enable you to copy to a computer, a movie is compatible with the standard DVD in more places.