Stream-Cloner 2.00 is officially released

  1. Downloads/Captures online videos intelligently with fire-new interfaces of Stream-Cloner 2.
  2. Downloads online movies, streaming videos, music, images, data files, etc from all kinds of HTTP protocols.
  3. Downloads online videos from various video or video-sharing websites such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, IMDB, VEVO, AOL, iFilm, My space,, Vimeo,, Movieweb, Video.yahoo¹, etc.
  4. Displays all links of the current webpage so that you can download some or all contents of the page.
  5. The intuitive interface enables you to add a URL manually to download videos or enter the main interface to download videos with the internal browser.
  6. Captures streaming videos or anything playing on the PC.
  7. Converts the downloaded and captured streaming videos to various video and audio formats for your convenience.
  8. Plays back the downloaded/captured/converted video files with the software's built-in video player directly.
  9. Downloads/captures streaming videos under the 1-Click Download and 1-Click Capture interfaces quite easily.
  10. Select the target format to convert before downloading the streaming video.
  11. The included crash-proof web browser supports for reopening closed web pages.
  12. Manually add a specific category for collecting your various kinds of files privately.
  13. Select whether to be notified when detecting video URLs in the internal browser.

¹: Trade names including YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, IMDB, VEVO, AOL, iFilm, My space,, Vimeo,, Movieweb,, Netflix, iTunes, Redbox and others used above are the respective trademarks of their owners.