Open MovieBox

Open MovieBox's Technical FAQ

  1. Can I create a new database of my own?
  2. Can I get latest and popular movies from the Internet with Open MovieBox?
  3. How to search for my desired movies from the Internet?
  4. Can I add movies to the movie database manually?
  5. Can I remove the movie(s) from the movie database?
  6. Can I edit the movie information in the movie database?
  7. Can I play back the video files in the movie database with Open MovieBox?
  8. Can I share my movies on the PC with others with Open MovieBox?
  9. Can I use the plug-in programs to enrich my movie database with Open MovieBox?
  10. How to list the playable movies?
  11. How to add a video file into the movie?
  12. How to list the movies by genres?
  13. How to manage the loan and return of the discs with Open MovieBox?
  14. How to import and export the movie information?
  15. Can I quickly find my desired movie in the movie database?
  16. Can I print the movie information in the movie database?
  17. Are there any tips for using Open MovieBox?
  18. How to list the movie covers instead of the movie information?
  19. How to preview the movie information and what kinds of information does it include?
  20. Can I update to get the latest movie information?
  21. Can I select the template to show the movie information?
  22. Can I list the movies which are in the collection?
  23. How to connect my iPad to Open MovieBox Share Server?
  24. How to change the background skin of the movie poster interface on my iPad?
  25. How to find the playable movies quickly on my iPad?
  26. How to quickly search for the movie I want on my iPad?
  27. Can I choose to list the movies in the database by the posters or by the titles on my iPad?
  28. How to play back the video files in the movie database on my iPad?
  29. How to classify the movies on my iPad?
  30. Can I classify the movies by genres on my iPad?
  31. Can I classify the movies by formats on my iPad?
  32. What can the Setup window do on my iPad?
  33. How to get the detailed information about the movies on my iPad?
  34. Can I get the movie poster picture on the separate page on my iPad?
  35. How to completely close Open MovieBox APP on my iPad?
  36. How to quickly find the movies beginning with your desired first title letter on my iPad?
  37. How to edit the server information on the "Server List" interface on my iPad?
  38. How to delete the server from the server list on my iPad?