How to upgrade DVD-Cloner for Mac?

DVD-Cloner for Mac will check version update regularly. If there is a new version available, an information window will pop up automatically and show the information about the new version and the latest news when you run DVD-Cloner for Mac. If there is no, you will not see it.

If you want to know whether your current version is the latest one, please enter the "About" window and click on "Check upgrade".

Upgrade policy

If you have bought DVD-Cloner for Mac, you'll get one-year free upgrade. During this time you can use any future version of DVD-Cloner for Mac for free. If it exceeds one year, you will need to pay for next year's upgrade service. If you do not want to upgrade, you can still use the original version without time limit!

We also provide multi-year upgrade service. The more years you order for the upgrade service, the more discounts you'll get for upgrade fee!