Things to know before you buy DVD copy software

Every year there are a lot of new movies released. If you are a movie fan, you will certainly make a collection of your favorite movies and to make them safe, you must have DVD copy software, which is now widespread all over the world. However, before you purchase DVD copy software, you must know some essential things about it.

First, the one you purchase needs to have the function of compression. We know that there are DVD-5 disc and DVD-9 disc. A DVD-9 disc, which can hold 9GB, can store twice data of a DVD-5 disc, which can hold 4.7GB. When you want to copy a DVD-9 movie onto a DVD-5 disc, then the movie needs to be compressed and copied on a DVD-5 disc. But if you have several DVD-5 discs, you can certainly burn the movie onto two or more discs and don't need to compress. Next, sometimes you don't want to copy all the features of the movie and want to choose the content you want to copy, so you need to select a product which can accomplish your idea. Normally there are some copy modes like movie complete copy, movie only copy, perfect 1:1 copy and customized copy. Meanwhile, with the TV shows available on DVD, the software should support episodic discs copy.

The DVD copy software must have a clear and easy interface, especially for beginners. Beginners should be able to grasp the main frame and functions of the software and thus to easily make the copy. Besides, a help file should be included to instruct customers how to use the software. You can also check the copy quality by using the trial version, because this is the most important aspect of DVD copy. For a good product, it should be updated frequently due to the increase of new released movies. Usually the update period is about two months.

Having these, you should have owned good DVD copy software. But what if there is some problem? Customer support, needless to say is extremely important. Only very few manufactures offer good service. If a publisher offers good product service, it means that they care their customers and this shines through to the quality of the product.

The information above will be helpful when you want to purchase good DVD copy software.