How to copy DVD disc to PC and CD

Computers are now common household things. People search the Internet for usually news, music, movies and so on. Many movies are released every year and people want to make a collection of them for memories. To protect their movies, they use DVD copy software, which is very popular on today's market. There are usually two ways for copying, one of which is to copy the movie on the computer to DVD disc for preservation and the other is to copy DVD movies to computer to watch.

Here we tell about how to copy a DVD disc to Mac and computer. We know that there are two incompatible operation systems, which are Windows and Mac systems. To accomplish the task, what you need to have is a computer with a configuration to support the process, a DVD drive and the software for burning. Here we recommend DVD-Cloner, which is the latest version of the world's most reliable DVD/Blu-ray copy software. To begin the copy, you should insert the source DVD disc into the DVD drive first. Then DVD-Cloner will scan the disc and read the data to check if there is some kind of harmful virus. You should note that the DVD you want to copy must have no harmful virus or it will put your computer in trouble. After you make sure that there is no virus, please go into the Expert interface and click on the "Copy a DVD movie disc to a DVD±R (DL) or to the hard disk" button, then you can browse your hard disk and select a directory to save the movie on your hard disk. You can select your desired copy mode and you can begin the copy. After several minutes, the copy is completed, and you will find the movie files on your hard disk.

If you are thinking about copying DVD to CD, the procedure is slightly difficult than above. Unlike DVD to PC copy, you must be familiar with the software to run this application. You need to do some research before you buy your application. The easiest way is to copy DVD to the computer and then write it to the CD.

In general, copying a DVD to the computer is the easiest task for amateurs.