Pros and cons of the Blu-ray disc copy

Blu-ray is a new generation of disc format on the market just like the third-generation mobile phone. Being an advanced disc format, it must have some unprecedented features. And compared to HD, another new disc format which is the advanced edition of DVD and its rival, what will be the thing?

What advantages do Blu-ray discs have? Let's unveil the mysterious mask. First, it can store more data than standard DVDs, because it uses blue laser which has a shorter wavelength than that of DVD. A standard DVD disc usually stores 4.7GB data on a single layer while a Blu-ray disc stores 8.5GB data. Second, it can hold HD video and thus has a better picture quality than DVD and can recognize scratched areas. But do these prove that Blu-ray is perfect and has no defect. The answer is no. Nothing is perfect and Blu-ray disc has its own disadvantages. We know that Blu-ray disc uses blue laser technology and is hard to produce than DVD, so is more expensive than DVD. And there are many new generation formats competing with Blu-ray disc. There is no mandatory managed copy. When Managed Copy arrives it may need extra equipment and requires connecting to the Internet. Blu-ray movie titles cost more than DVD titles and there are only a few titles for Blu-ray. Although usually Blu-ray movies have better than DVD movies, the quality of Blu-ray movie titles depends on the quality of the original source. Next, the titles of Blu-ray movies are encoded, and can not be decryption. And even if titles of a Blu-ray can be played in your region, it will not be available in another region due to the region code. Due to use of Java code on their players, some features of Blu-ray are slower than standard DVD.

Seen from above, every coin has two sides. However good a subject is, it inevitably has some malfunction. So customers can select their preferred one according to their specific needs.