Copy any HD DVD or Blu-ray movie you want

Only click one button to copy HD and Blu-ray DVD movies? Take that DRM and MPAA!

As you know, a copy of the movie is protected by copyright law. Recently, now that I've legally absolved myself from any legal persecution in the endorsement of copyright infringement, there is a way to copy HD DVD movies.

You may not believe that the small Print Screen button made a come back. According to Germany's magazine, beating it repeatedly would copy any movie being played indeed. But in your favorite movie, from screen button to print the title to close credits. This is a big one keystroke. When everything, and you will have enough screen capture rebuilding the movie. Although no audio, but there are other ways to capture the audio track from some of the disk.

Now, then try to use a high-definition DVD movies in Toshiba Qosmio G30. The same method was used with a Sony VAIO with equipped BD drive for Blu-ray. In both cases, the bundled version of WinDVD did the trick. There is a lot to do is copy some movies. However, it is entirely possible to automate the process systems. We hope Intervideo WinDVD doesn't catch the small development and ship out a patch to destroy it. Of course, you may be just one camera point in your monitor and record the movies.