How to burn a Blu-ray disc?

To burn a Blu-ray disc is as easy as to burn a DVD+R or DVD-R!

First you should have a Blu-ray burner, such as Pioneer BDR-101A/AS/ABK, BenQ BW1000, Samsung SH-B022, and Panasonic SW-5582.

Secondly, you need the software that supports Blu-ray burn, such as DVD-Cloner and Blu-ray to DVD Pro. If your software is in and an old version that does not support Blu-ray burn, you may update it on the official web site to the latest version.

Thirdly, you only need Blu-ray writable media that can record all kinds of backup data. Put it into your BD burners and open software, choose the type of your BD-R or BD-RW (depending on your Blu-ray disc type), and then enjoy the same way as your DVD burn before.