Which recording media can AVCHD use?

AVCHD specification allows using several kinds of recording media, in particular recordable DVD discs, memory cards and hard disk drives.

DVD discs are the original media specified in the AVCHD standard. To reduce the camcorder size, only smaller 8cm discs, sometimes called mini DVDs, are allowed. Recording capacity ranges from 1.4 GB for a single-sided single layer disc to 5.2 GB for a double-sided dual layer disc.

HDD was added as a possible media to AVCHD specification shortly after the new video standard has been announced. Capacity ranges from 30 GB to 120 GB.

Memory cards are a promising media for tapeless camcorders. The capacity of memory cards is constantly increasing, while prices are falling. AVCHD supports SD/SDHC memory cards, and "Memory Stick" cards.