DVD-Cloner for Mac 5 is officially released.

  • Same Experience and Same Excellent features.
    Unify DVD-Cloner (Mac and Windows) User Interface and User Experience cross Windows and macOS. Every user can switch operation system platform between Windows and masOS smoothly.
  • Newest technology supports Newest released movies.
    With continuous updating UMT™ copy technology, DVD-Cloner for Mac can copy all of your favorite DVD movies. Even the movies released days ago.
  • Using smart analyzer engine which is as good as Windows OS.
    Transported smart analyzer feature from Windows OS. Make sure every popular and old classical movie disc can be copied and backup easily and completely.
  • Improve driver for external DVD/Blu-ray burners.
    Supported most of brands of external DVD/Blu-ray burners. Don’t worry about compatibility of external burner.
  • "Elevated" with macOS together.
    DVD-Cloner for Mac optimized many functions for newest version of macOS High Sierra. Faster, and securer than before.
  • Fixed some bugs collected from last version of DVD-Cloner:mac.
  • FREE for the new customers within one year!
  • Time-limited chance to get Cross-platform video capture box: Flint LX for up to 16% discount. Let you record any video and movies on Mac/Linux/Android.