Blu-ray to HDD 1.20 Released

1.    Converts Blu-ray to MKV files.
2.    Converts Blu-ray to TS files.
3.    Supports the conversion of latest Blu-ray movies.
4.    Removes copy protections like AACS, BD+ with a third-party Blu-ray Copy Helper.
5.    Rips with high definition and highest rate.
6.    Removes region code
7.    Opens Blu-ray files from the hard disk drive.
8.    Movie-only copy.
9.    Chapter(s) conversion.
10.    Select your desired audio track.
11.    Select your desired subtitle (for TS files only).
12.    Playback of the converted movie with your HD Hard Disk Player.
13.    Playback of the converted movie on the PC with PowerDVD or other Blu-ray software players.